LA ROULETTE IRANIANA, Oltreillimes 15/03/2006

Perché Bush è tanto accanito contro l’Iran? Perché sembra rifiutare ogni possibile compromesso sul programma nucleare iraniano, compreso quello relativamente ragionevole proposto dai russi? Perché non tiene conto delle raccomandazioni alla prudenza dei suoi stessi alleati?

Conviene cominciare dagli interessi energetici. Terzo produttore mondiale di petrolio, Continua a leggere

The Coming Natural Gas Cartel

Foreign Policy

By Michael J. Economides (editor in chief of Energy Tribune).

Oil is not America’s only energy addiction. With domestic gas production in decline, the United States and many of its allies will grow more dependent on imports to generate electricity and heat homes. Gas suppliers will band together in response to the growing global demand, just as oil producers did decades ago. Few people talk about the looming U.S. dependency on imported natural gas, but it could be painful.

In a recent poll, Americans ranked “energy dependence” as their second greatest concern, Continua a leggere

The Oil Shield, FP may/june 2006

The Oil Shield

By Christopher Dickey (Newsweeks Paris bureau chief and Middle East editor).

Iran is commanding the world’s attention as the ayatollahs accelerate their race for the bomb. But the timetable for talks—or a nuclear crisis—is not being shaped by centrifuges, uranium, or reactors. It’s about the security only a barrel of oil can provide. Continua a leggere